NRI Marriage

NRI (Non-Resident Indian) weddings are on a rising rate in countries like USA, Australia, Canada and Britain

Posted on Oct 8, 2017

Matrimonies are based on love. We all love because it's the only true adventure in our lives. Over the time, several matrimonial websites have been successful in providing great matchmaking for couples seeking partners within their own community, religion, caste, NRI, non- NRI, specific area, country etc. Sometimes, these websites have additional search features or lists or a specifically laid out feature of "other matrimony categories" like manglik, disabled category, especially abled, divorcee etc.

There has been a great rise in the NRI bride and groom hunting and thus an overall rapid rise in the NRI weddings. Nowadays, immigration processes across the world have become easy and people's interest in NRI weddings has all the more bloomed. Our parents have witnessed this and the current generation has seen more youngsters opting for NRI weddings. Mainly south Asian natives and western people have seen a growth in the NRI weddings. NRI weddings are on a rising rate in countries like USA, Australia, Canada, and Britain etc.

Generally, a better lifestyle in the West tempts youngsters for NRI marriages. They may really feel like getting away from the humdrum, stereotypes and cultural stringencies of their native countries to a more open and liberal society. The U.S. A. has topped the list of all countries when it comes to marrying a NRI. Following it are Canada and the U.K as second and third lucrative destinations respectively. Australia and New Zealand are also coming up because they are sparsely populated and are therefore inviting educated Asians.